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o1.\\ Dont type stupid, LiEk DiS, f00.
o2.\\ Have SOMETHING in common with me
o4.\\ Dont get all nutty on me for saying the word fuck.
o5.\\ Dont act snappy to my friends when they comment.
o6.\\ Tell me where you found my Livejournal.
o7.\\ Add me to your friends list before you comment.

Last friends cut done on January 1st, 2006.

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J-pop dance was somuchfun last night~

We got there early, like, half an hour before the thing even started. @_@ So we lounged around in the bathroom by the lockers. Then everyone vanished while I was in the bathroom, so I had to go find them. They had gone and gotten in line at the front of the dance room thing. So I just snuck into line with them and we goofed around u ntil we could get in.

Once we got our ticket, we were all nervy about going in because no one else was in there. So we kind of waited until someone else was before we ourselves ran in and took claim to a corner of the room.

When the music started, it sucked, so Rachel and I declared mosh pits. Kaitlynn, Rachel, Phillip and I started throwing ourselves at each other and shoving each other around. Rachel and I turned ourselves into a human bowling ball and then we bulldozed everyone else, but then at some point we fell over ontop of each other so we caled it quits for now.

Troy showed up. Which was okay, in a way, because he had this hot emo guy with him. His name was Mark. We kept stealing Phillips hat and stuffing it down Mark's shirt to give him a uniboob. He was so emo we were like, "Give that kid a razor!" >>; Eventually we gave Mark a second boob and he looked like a woman. It was really funny.

Then we moved up closer to the screan where they were playing AMV's and stuff. It was so big it took up like, a whole wall of the dance room. It was sofunny. But retarded. o_o;

At some point around here, Jeremy[THE HOTTEST GAY BOY EVER. SERIOUSLY.] started stealing Phillips hat and running around. Phillip had to chase after him to get it, and it was really really funny watching them.

Dont remember what happened then. I think people kept trying to get me to dance, but I wouldn't. And then Jill was trying to show Rachel this slut dance move thing and I was like, "Wtf are you doing?" And then I did it and they were like, "O_O OMG YOU DO IT SO PERFECTLY!" Which was hilarious because I didn't even know how to do it or what they themselves had been doing. It was this weird move-down and then stick your butt out thing. o_o .... Retarded.

Thentehntehn they played Utada Hikaru's 'Traveling' and I was very very happy, and started dancing with Mackenzie. We danced through the whole song and longer. It was very fun.

At some point Kailyn jumped up and screamed, "I CUT MYSELF AT NIGHT!" And pretended to be cutting herself as she ran around. It was really funny, because she had put cut marks on her sleeves before we left. XD

Then Jill vanished and came back with... forever_slash! I don't know how she found her, really, because Jill had never seen her before, and I had only described her hair, but it was still funny. forever_slash hung around for a couple minutes and then I introduced her to her friends so then she went to bring over all her friends that came with her. [They were all really hot, but sadly they were all gay.]

THEN JEREMY SHOWED UP AGAIN! And we found out he had dated George from our school! Which was so funny, but so cute. Apparently Jeremy lives near me, too, because he said he lives 15 minutes from Pacific Mall, and so do I. Unless he lives in the opposite direction. but, still. o_O

forever_slash had returned with her friends around the time Jeremy showed up, I think. o_o And then we all started talking and watching her friend 'ghetto dance' xD Which was really funny. But then jeremy started doing it. he is the best dancer, ever, seriously. o_O He's so slim and light and he looks kind of like a woman.

Jeremy kissed me at one point, which was the funniest thing ever, because after he was like, "Ooo! You taste good!" And he kept licking his lips.

Everyone vanished at one point so I started wandering, and then found forever_slash and Jeremy and her friends, so I stuck with them for a bit. Jeremy is so sweet; he kept sharing his nib candies with me. xD

Got dragged back into the dance room and danced more. Another mosh pit was started, and some guy randomly joined in and then tripped over Phillip and went FLYING across the floor. It was so funny. XD

Then everyone wanted to go home a bit after that, and I was sad, because i didn't wanna go home. D= I was having too much fun. So we went and got our stuff and headed home, in the cold, pissing rain. D<

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Then I got sick at Kaitlyns so I was like, "Fuck this shit." and went home.
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it's me in it, though! 8D I'm the one standing with my arms crossed, Robert is the one with his arms in the air, pants falling, and Jill is the one like, "YOU CHEATER!" xDD

It's not working atm but in a bit it will. o_O Still processing.
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...Sorry to those on my Friends list who are Christian, but this.. was just too funny.. to not post. xDD Its.. rofl. xDD I'd LJ-cut it, but everytime I do it screws up. xD

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Music Meme Time!

Do you trust my taste in music? Pick a number between 1 and 503 and I'll find the corresponding song in my playlist. I'll upload it for you (and everyone else reading this entry) to grab. [Optional: when you've gotten a song from me, go post this meme in your own journal, so I can grab a random song from you.]

C'mon~ I really wanna do this. xD
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Concert. Was. Amazing.

The bands that played were The Black Maria, The Lawrence Cross and, of course, Alkaline Trio. The Black Maria was great, but the Lawrence Cross SUCKED. I don't like them. But I only stayed up front because Alkaline Trio played last and I was eager to get the the front bar to be right up against the stage.

So. All in all, the concert just.. rocked. The Kool Haus is the coolest club i've ever seen.

They started right on time, which was good. :3

When the Black Maria played, the leader singer [Romito, I think his name was], jumped onto the crowd and grabbed onto Jill and practically mauled her lmfao. It was so funny. They played my favorite song, Betrayal, so I was pretty happy. :3

Then they went off and the stage was reset for the next band, The Lawrence Cross. I was like, "HISSSSSS." Because I don't like them. So for the most part, I ignored them. :3 While they were setting up everyone started lighting up bongs and smoking weed. Jill and I thought we were gonna get high off the REEK of weed. The Lawrence Cross had major technical difficulties though, and I laughed at them.

Some fat girl kept crushing my hip when the Lawrence cross was playing, and she REEKED. Like, omg. Try wearing deoderant and LOOSE A THOUSAND POUNDS BEFORE YOU GO TO A CONCERT, PLEASE. And Jill told her to stop crushing me and she was like, "Oh, no thanks. I'm fine right here." And just kept on fucking doing it. @_@ So since she was pissing us off so much we moved over to a bit of a more open space, where this girl who was so BAKED started elbowing me so I turned and just shoved her and she stopped. Then the fat girls boyfriend [ BOYFRIEND. WTF.] switched places with her and she was BESIDE ME AGAIN. WTF. And then the Lawrence cross went off stage and I was like, "UGH, FUCK, FINALLY."

So all the people in front went away because they were only in front for the Lawrence Cross. So Jill and I got to be right in front against the bars. But then THE FAT LADY MOVED BESIDE ME AGAINST THE BAR TOO WTF. So I ignored her. We started talking tot his guy beside us, who we found out was named Scott, and he lives in Toronto. He was pretty good looking and nice. He was so enthusiastic when the bands were playing. Lmfao.

At some random time or another the curtains closed. o_O The band was setting up, we assumed, while everyone kept beating the shit out of each other behind us. xD Jill started to feel icky and I felt bad. D:

Then the curtains opened and DUNDUNDUN. ALKALINE TRIO. 8D

They started off with a bunch of songs I couldn't recognize. By the end of the first song, people started crowd surfing and the sercurity were ripping them right out of the crowds. O_O; I got kicked in the head and bashed my chin on the bar and its starting to bruise now. xD

The band was really good, though. I was right infront of Dan Andriano, so I got a lot of really good pictures of him. I also got a few of Derek Grant, but not many turned out well. I hardly got any of Matt Skiba, though.

Then suddenly the fat lady starts SHOVING everyone on my side over with her fat ass so I kneed her in the ass and she gave up. She moved a little and I stole her spot and was pretty damned happy. :3

After a couple of songs Jill got a security gaurd to pull her out of the crowd because she didn't feel well. So I stood with Scott during the acoustic song, 'Sorry about that'. Before long, I started to freak out because of all the people and I didn't know anyone, so I just turned and ran for it. I couldn't find Jill or her cousins girlfriend, Shannon, so I ran to the outside of the bathroom. Seconds later I started bawling, and this guy came up to me and he put his arms around me and he gave me this weird look, like, a grin and concern or something and I told him to go away, and he looked hurt a moment before I said it again and he held his hands up and walked away. Then I just started bawling and ran like hell for the bathroom and started bawling.

The drink-watcher lady came in and asked me if I was alright, and even came into the stall with me and rubbed my back and stuff and told me it was alrgiht, that she'd tell security about this guy and they'd bust his ass and then she told me that I should go look for my friend, Jill, and that if I need something to tell her. SO I said okay, and ran for it back into the crowds to find Jill. I just kept running around in circles before I decided to hide in the bathroom again and then I saw Jill heading towards the bar area or something, so I ran at her and clinged to her and then I started hyperventalating because I was so terrified.

After awhile, I was okay, and we went back into the crowd to listen to the music again and sing with it. I sun so loud that my voice now has a crack, and I'm starting to loose it.

They sung all my favorite songs at the end. They even sang, "This could be love." I was so happy when they played it that i started bouncing.

Then, during the last song, the curtain at the back fell and there was this black and white curtain behind it witht he heart and skull logo they have. It was so cute looking. But everyone started cheering loudly when it began to fell.

Time for the pictures I took!

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For my first show, it was really fun. :3
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What: Fuuinjutsu, a brand new Naruto roleplaying group (forum style).

When: Set somewhere generally around episode 109, manga volume 20 (chapters 172-180), so there will be spoilers up to that point. The goal is to branch off from the main storyline and create an alternate timeline from that point forward.

Who: All characters welcome from the current manga chapters/anime episodes.

Warnings/Important: Het/Yaoi/Yuri welcome, character application required.

Any and all important information can be found by going to the main page and clicking on the --!IMPORTANT!-- board.

Whether you prefer slow-paced or quick-paced RP, forum style, like LJ, can be very flexible. If you want something that sticks fairly close to IC without too much crack involved (let's face it, the Naruto world is full of crack as it is), Fuuinjutsu is just the place for you. We do like to keep an open mind, though, and considering we'll be going on an alternate timeline, there are a lot of places the plot could go, and that all depends on our players! ^_^

There are also chat sections on this forum, so you can talk OOC and interact with the other players in a non-RP environment.

We look forward to playing with those of you who decide to join!

Characters already taken: Akasun no Sasori(Admin), Uchiha Sasuke(Co-admin), Uchiha Itachi, Hatake Kakashi, Hyuuga Hinata

Cross posted in Many places; sorry for any friends list spam.